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Waterless 'Air Cooler PLUS' Beats Summer's Heat Without Making Your Home Muggy

Recognized as Advanced Waterless Energy-Efficient Technology, New Air Cooler Creates No 'Swamp Cooler' Smell and Elevated Humidity

CANTON, Ohio, April 29 /PRNewswire/ - A new waterless air cooler delivers hot weather relief without the foul odor, elevated humidity and other side effects of water-based evaporative air coolers.

The new Air Cooler PLUS differs from conventional coolers because it is totally waterless. Because it uses no water, Air Cooler PLUS provides effective cooling in all climates - even those in the muggiest geographic humidity zones. Air Cooler PLUS is the only air cooler on the market that does not add humidity to the room.

waterless air cooler
Waterless Air Cooler Operation.
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Air Cooler PLUS, now available for immediate shipment, was developed by International Home Shopping. IHS markets innovative home products for better living.

Air Cooler PLUS is designed with a patent-pending waterless cooling chamber. The chamber houses two advanced frozen gel packs and features a powerful variable-speed fan. The gel packs are filled with advanced HD-Ice(TM), each offering more cooling than conventional ice packs. The cooled air flows through a special dry, lightweight HEPA filter to clean and cool the air.

Weighing less than 25 pounds, Air Cooler PLUS also is portable, and easier to move than window air conditioners or portable AC units. Because it requires just 62 watts, Air Cooler PLUS can be operated for as little as the cost of running one 60-watt light bulb.

Homeowners will enjoy the many benefits of Air Cooler PLUS' waterless cooling technology. It focuses the cooling only where it is needed and adds no humidity to rooms, which means Air Cooler PLUS can reduce reliance on whole-house air conditioning. Air Cooler PLUS also is a great supplement to window AC units.

Air Cooler PLUS was developed in response to the drawbacks associated with standard water-based evaporative air coolers. Air Cooler PLUS requires no water and no messy refilling, and it will not develop the "swamp cooler" smell evaporative coolers are known to produce.

Air Cooler PLUS's energy efficient, 62-watt, variable-speed fan can be operated for a month at a fraction of the cost of powering a 4,400-watt central air conditioning system.

Air Cooler PLUS can be ordered online at www.WaterlessAirCooler.com. Cost is $189 and includes free shipping and a free second set of HD-Ice(TM) gel packs for customers' convenience.

SOURCE International Home Shopping

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